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At the

Bridgetown Repertory Theatre

185 Hampton St, Bridgetown WA 6255

Saturday April 1

'A Crack in The Mountain'

Session 1, 4pm start

Session 2, 7pm start

Saturday April 8

Australian made short films

Session 1, 4pm start

Session 2, 7pm start

All tickets



At the

Nannup Town Hall

Warren Rd, Nannup WA 6275

Saturday April 15

Australian made short films

Session 1

4pm start, special screening 2022 program

Session 2

7pm start, 2023 program

Sunday April 16

'A Crack in The Mountain'

3pm start, 2023 program

Australian made short films

5.30pm start

All tickets

A Crack in the Mountain

An award winning documentary about Son Doong cave, one of the world's greatest natural wonders & the fight to protect it.  

Revelation Short Films 2023 Program

The Better Angels

A young soldier trying to escape the horrors of war finds an abandoned house and within its walls the stories of what might have been.


Ethan and Violet are standing on opposite train platforms. They are set to travel in different directions, yet a common interest undeniably entwines their destinies. Without speaking a word, they must find a means of connection before their trains arrive to whisk them away.


⁣An organic cell attains sentience in an unnatural environment, Its instinct is to get as far away as possible. As the environment it travels through changes, the cell in turn is required to undergo change in order to tackle the obstacles in its way.



Nelson has always felt more at home with flora than fauna. He receives a mixed response from his friends and family when he tells them that he wants to plant his feet and grow into nature. Nelson faces a choice: stay in a world that stunts his growth or listen to his innermost feelings. Seeds uses contemporary dance alongside traditional narrative to convey how finding your identity is often too complex to put into words.

Wilyabrup: A Vertical Dance Film

Above the waves, beneath the sky, against the rock. Moving against a staggering vertical cliff face, suspended above wild crashing ocean, two artists dance with the roaring wind and each-other in a celebration of human connection, our experience of nature and the vast wilderness that is the

Wilyabrup sea cliffs.

Last Meal

Capital punishment simmers in a boiling pot of controversy. Amidst the political and religious debate surrounding the issue, one thing sets tongues wagging more than the others - what do the condemned eat before their execution?

The Golden Rollers

A group of roller skaters aged 69 to 99 refuse to hang up their skates and give up on fun.

Part of WA Screen Academy students’ showcase


A busy sound engineer accepts a last-minute recording instead of heading home to his family and is deeply affected by the song he records.


Vince attempts to dispose of a dead body for the mob, but when he reluctantly enlists the help of his dim witted brother-in-law Ted, things don’t go to plan.

Special Screening
Revelation Short Films - 2022 Program, in Nannup 
Saturday 15 April 2023

Be You T Fool

An anonymous street artist reveals her secret practice of pasting portraits on the pillars of Chandler Highway Bridge in Melbourne, Australia.


On a morning where everything that could possibly go wrong, does, single mum Deb is reminded that the people who love you always have your back.


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I’m So Depressed

Hairy Soul Man Depicts a day in the life of depression through hand-painted cardboard sets and comedy soul music.

Lost Contact

Aldo has always felt like a being from another planet, stranded on Earth. His autism and long struggle to speak fluently alienated him from others. Now, he searches for meaning in the esoteric and for

connection with people like himself.


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Painting by Numbers

In a mysterious gallery imbued with strange life, shadows of the past and unresolved futures collide when a child’s vision peels away the layers of what we call ‘reality’…join a journey through the masterpieces you thought you knew as their hidden souls are finally given a voice.


A 30-something-year-old woman with Down Syndrome leaves her past behind, and runs away

from a small country town, heading towards the city.

These Walls

Dancers responding to the stories and architecture of homes and public spaces in the City of Vincent.


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Two Sands

As Garang struggles on his first day at high school in Australia, memories of being lost in South Sudan are triggered. When past and present collide, Garang must find a way to bridge the gap between where he is and where he's come from.


Explores how a person’s relationship with a humanoid robot evolves over a lifespan, conveying a worldless narrative exclusively through hand movements.


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Woven Threads: Jett

Jett was in primary school when the bullying started, it continued right through his school years. It was due to the friends he had, mostly girls and the fact he enjoyed performing and dancing. Over the years Jett pushed himself further into the world of performance and dance to deal with the bullying which lead to depression, self-harming and finally anorexia nervosa. Jett shares his story and how going into cardiac arrest changes the way he looked at life.

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