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Colleen Currey


Colleen Currey

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:


0405 079 723

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Colleen is an impassioned ceramic artist who finds joy in the act of creation itself. Her artistic journey is fueled by a desire to explore the boundless possibilities of her craft. For Colleen, the artistic process is not merely a means to an end; rather, it is a continuous exploration of form, texture, and expression.

Embracing the challenge of crafting unique and quirky pieces, Colleen deliberately steers away from conventional norms, she pushes the boundaries of what is considered the norm, preferring her work to be a departure from the ordinary and a testament to her distinctive artistic voice.

Clay serves as Colleen's primary medium of expression, providing her with a versatile and tactile canvas. She employs a variety of techniques such as coiling, molding (often from molds she has crafted herself), pinch pots, and wheel throwing. Each method is chosen with intention, contributing to her diverse and dynamic style.

Through her hands, clay becomes a medium of boundless potential. The exploration of texture and decoration, within her work introduces a tactile and visual richness which can be experienced at the art trail.

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