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Jay Thiele

Mixed Media Artist

Jay Thiele

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Reclaiming Beauty

Uniting Church, 106 Roe St, Bridgetown WA 6255, Australia


Big Title

There has never been a time in my life when I wasn’t crafting or creating art of some sort. It all began when I printed my own fabric and made a maxi skirt as a teenager and from there it became an exciting challenge to embellish my clothes with hand embroidery, beads, appliqué and fabric painting.

Having evolved into a mixed media artist has allowed me to explore and experiment with a myriad of mediums so my style is rather eclectic, no time spent in my studio is the same, today learning watercolour techniques, tomorrow I may feel like creating an art journal, the day after back to finding new ways to use fabric. This is the nature of mixed media, it’s forever evolving. There is a tendency to have many projects on the go at one time, but that’s what excites and energies me, my studio looks like an Aladdin’s cave of supplies but I love it, I’m surrounded by endless possibilities to create!

Challenging myself in to learning new techniques allows me to appreciate other artists abilities and work and grow as an artist myself.

Sharing my skills with others by way of facilitating workshops in the community and knowing that I can teach others to learn new things and gain an appreciation for many art forms, and who then go on to ‘make art’ is deeply satisfying and rewarding.

Whenever life gets tough I can retreat into my studio to find peace and a deep sense of wellbeing, I cannot imagine a life without creating or learning new art skills. If I can encourage people to find the same, I’m happy




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