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Jean Barrett


Jean Barrett

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

The Rabbit Hole

Jean has a passion for colour!

Although she paints and draws using a variety of media, her current favourites are watercolour and ink, as well as gel printing.

Jean lives in Kangaroo Gully, WA. Her source of inspiration for the watercolour and ink artwork are the unique buildings in the towns and surrounding area of the Blackwood.

Jean finds the naive style she adopts for these painting, expresses the fabric and "feel" of the character-filled buildings. She considers her artwork a painted archive, preserving iconic and much loved heritage buildings of the past and present.

In an entirely new direction, Jean's recent discovery of the very addictive practice of gel printing has allowed her imagination and creativity to run free! With acrylic paint, by building layers and creating textures, using natural flora as stencils and in some work using ink and watercolour to draw back into the print, she creates amazing, colourful and unique artwork.

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