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Lisa White

Fibre artist

Lisa White

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Kangamia Studio/Gallery

96 Prowse Road Balingup

0400 234 967

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Lisa White - Bio

The natural world never ceases to excite, inspire and surprise me. It is the driving force that underpins my work.

Nature acts as a key for me- unlocking doors to my imagination.

I create harmonious and balanced compositions from natural materials and this practice brings me closer to understanding myself and the world.

I am fascinated by the innate beauty of the patterns, lines and colours in nature and I have strong leanings toward detail, design and repeated patterns.

I’m an avid collector and I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking, exploring and collecting. I live on the land and am surrounded by animals, birds and bush, so I have unlimited access to feathers, nuts, seeds, leaves, grasses, stalks, wood and bark, all of which I employ in my art works.

I collect, rearrange, build and transform. I gather, dry, soak and dye, I stitch, coil, weave, twine, knot, net and glue. I am attracted in general to the small, the overlooked and in the creation of my works I aspire to bring awareness and rebirth to things which usually go unseen or simply decay.

I have a deep and profound connection to the earth, the environment and remote and wild places in Australia and spend as much time as possible exploring such places. I make art from materials endemic to the area in which I find myself.

Many of my works represent a moment in time, a place which has moved me deeply, or they can be an intimate expression of a mood, a concept, a thought or a dream.

Sea Urchin Wall Work

Grape vine, pandanus, raffia, sea urchin, netted looping.

30cm diameter

For Sale


Random Weave Pod

Wisteria, feathers, hedgehog quills, random weave


Not For Sale


Coiled Gourd Vase

Giant gourd, pandanus, seed pods, coiled and netted


For Sale


Emu Feather Dilly Bag

Hand plied emu feather cordage, netted, flax fibre, parrot feathers



Random Weave Pod 2

Bangalow Palm Inflourescense randomly woven, flowering native grass tips


For Sale


Sea Urchin Vase

Sea urchin netted in waxed linen


For Sale


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