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Louisa Warburton-Rees


Louisa Warburton-Rees

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Balingup Fruit Winery

Louisa Warburton-Rees is an English born artist based in Kirup, a small town in the southwest of Western Australia.

Louisa originally hails from Liverpool in the UK, spending her formative teenage years in a small town in NZ called Waiuku. She moved to Perth when she was 16 then sought a Treechange from city life  in 2016. After a lifelong struggle with mental health particularly anxiety, depression and dependence her art and painting became a way of finding time for herself, a private world that is peaceful and grounding. Life can be hectic and sometimes painful , however painting, creating and being in the present moment are part of the foundation that keeps her grounded and living life to the fullest. Louisa works in Social outreach as a Peer Support Worker and as such spends a lot of her time helping people address their alcohol and other drug concerns. Her time spent painting and at home on her hobby farm are precious to her. She is a self taught creative. Louisa follows artists she admires on social media and has taken a few workshops to learn colour theory and process. She uses a range of mediums, mainly oils and acrylics for still life. Many subjects are parts of her daily life, photographed and painted onto canvas at a later time, usually in the evening after a busy day. Louisa loves texture and creating images by pushing back into the paint, or scraping it back to reveal layers of paint and colour beneath the surface. For her it is more about the process of painting than it is about the end result. This may sound counter productive to some but it is the process of painting, the tactile feel of the brush, paint and pushing it around the canvas that she finds thoroughly engrossing and fulfilling. Louisa doesn't limit herself to any one medium, challenging herself with new products such as cold wax, oils, acrylics, wax crayons, water colour crayons, pencils, sticks for mark making, chalk markers, paint markers, charcoal and many more.

Louisa paints for meditation and self care, its very much a hobby and it is very much a challenging prospect to have a public audience.

Should you choose to purchase any of her art know that you're supporting a self taught and self funded creative person & helping fund her art habit!  She hopes that you enjoy the art trail in a gorgeous part of the south west! Don't miss the Golden Valley Tree Park while you're in town.

Happy Trails!

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