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Lynnette K. McFarlane


Lynnette K. McFarlane

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Balingup Art Group

22 Forest st Balingup

0407 236 877

Big Title

Over the years my Art pracrice tends to have been exploring Energy flow , Heart Space & creative colour useage with a Tribal and Spiritual inherent life force !

Art has been a profound teacher for me over the years in learning more about Self & others ... energy and spirituality and how this relationship sits within my physical being & translates often what matters most to me in Life .

I sometimes use it as a Healing tool to help me understand myself, others & animals in the form of a psychic enervy reading when questions about life arise .

I have come to Trust and allow art process to unfold & flow as I do experience it essentially as an extension of myself and a safe place to give voice to my Heart and feelings .

I love teaching & sharing this with others too ! Especially with those who don't believe they can do it... but LOVE Colour and Play !! 💜

In Spirit 💜

Acrylics on canvas

not for sale

In Spirit #2

Acrylics on canvas

not for sale

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