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Nic Fabiszak


Nic Fabiszak

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

FATS- Fat Arts

My name is Nic Fabiszak, I am a self-taught artist living and working in Bridgetown in Western Australia’s beautiful southwest. In 2001 I opened up my own gallery, ‘Fat Arts’, in the main street of town where I developed a reputation for caricatures and frequently exhibited my latest artwork. In my more recent artworks I have taken a different approach using mixed media, developing a new sophisticated, yet whimsical style that one day I hope people can identify as my own distinctive ‘look’. My latest concept is what I have termed “Lifelines”. This art is a pictorial timeline, showing a passage of time in a persons or people’s lives with a visual illustration of defining moments during that time. The response to these has been very enthusiastic and I look forward to capturing people’s lives for them to enjoy and reminisce by. Three years ago Fat Arts became FATS, emerging our other Christmas and toy shops with a cafe- F (food), A (Arts), T (Toys), S (Santa). Fat Arts has now become one of the longest-standing businesses in town, evolving and with the community over the years. My family and I want everyone to enjoy art and the joy and laughter it can produce so we keep our artwork affordable and enjoyable for any viewer. We want you to simply see the image and not have to work out any meaning. We hope our art will colour your day and make you smile.
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