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Roderick Browton

Roderick Browton

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Roderick Browton Art Gallery

Blackwood River Dr, Balingup WA 6253, Australia

0427 987 324

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London-born, Roderick Browton migrated to Australia at 3 years old and grew up travelling the Wheatbelt and WA's South West. His artistic flair was noted as a child and in his varied career as an artist, there is not much he hasn't tried to do. Backed by an international client base in Canada, France, UK, USA and Australia, Rod has received Royal Acknowledgement for his works and completed commissions for both Sir Charles Court and Bob Hawke.

As a contributor to both Australian and UK Television, Rod has been involved in numerous pilots and has sculptured puppets and props for many film and television productions including Australian all-time favourites, The Ozlets and The Kangaroo Creek Gang. His monumental-size sculpting skills however, are on show for the masses at Adventure World with many of the fantasy and artistic sculptures in the park a testament to the longevity of his work.

Throughout his career, Rod has experimented with different mediums, but always found comfort in acrylics and oils and is constantly changing the art in his home gallery to display his new pieces. He finds inspiration everywhere - from his past travels and salsa-dancing on weekends, to the picturesque surrounds of his home in Balingup, as well as his current interest in the fantasy world and even as diverse as pets and politics, Rod has the ability to convey emotion, beauty and meaning in every piece of art.

Peering Through the Woods

Acrylic on Canvas - unframed

76 x 48 cm

For Sale - $750.00

Prints available from $25.00

Saying Goodbye 1917

Acryclic on Canvas - framed

60 x 80 cm

For Sale - $850.00

Prints available from $25.00


Acrylic on Canvas - unframed

100 x 100 cm

For Sale - $850.00

Prints available from $25.00

Parisian Cityscape

Acrylic on Canvas - unframed

60 x 90 cm

Fore Sale - $950.00

Prints available from $25.00

Romeo and Juliet - The Australian Ballet

Bronze Plaster / Fibreglass

66 x 30 cm

Commissions available - any size

Near Tavern - Balingup

Acrylic on Canvas - framed

44 x 55 cm

For SAle - $750.00

Prints available from $25.00

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