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Su Berghuis-Garde

Painter, writer, drawer and textile artist

Su Berghuis-Garde

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Black Barn Studio

Eedle Terrace, Bridgetown WA 6255, Australia

0427 184 956

Big Title

My creative life has been NURTURED.

Teenage years spent in Singapore in the 70's, and the exposure to cultural and aesthetic IMPRINTING, continue to find a way into my work. The sudden return to Australia was accompanied by feelings of ISOLATION,  and not fitting in.

Three years at Claremont School of Art provided a space for RECONNECTION and BELONGING, with daily immersion in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Art History and Sculpture .

To study what has gone before us lays a STRONG FOUNDATION.
We reach a point in our endeavours when the building blocks of any field of study become part of us, and therein lies the OPPORTUNITY to stray and wander from the known, observed outcome, into the MYSTERY...

This body of work was begun over 12 months ago, as a RESPONSE to the forest as a SACRED SPACE.

The interpretation required SLOWNESS.
Watercolours, pencil, paper,  recycled linens and silks, leaves, sticks and threads became my mediums.

Tiny fragile, lace-like leaves TRANSFORMED  by caterpillars and insects, inspired me with their RESILIENCE.

Daily walks beneath trees provided a SILENCE, and ideas took shape.
I stitched leaves onto fabric, and made tiny books embellished with sticks and stitching.
Small painted watercolours appeared....intimate observations of treasures found on the forest floor .

The larger, more recent paintings are a continuing RELATIONSHIP  and EXPLORATION shared with the light on the water, and trees along the river.

My garden in autumn



For sale


River walk



For sale


Symbols of home



For sale


Handmade books,with 3 watercolours


3 watercolour or print images inside.


For sale

$250each book



End of day,winter

Acrylic on Canvas


For Sale


Chopin in blue

Acrylic on Canvas





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