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Vikki Cook


Vikki Cook

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

The Rabbit Hole

Vikki began her art career in Port Hedland at Pundullmara College with a certificate 2 in Aboriginal visual Arts in 2000. She made a career for herself before trauma and family commitments called her away. Her interest in art never waned but sadly her brush mileage was lacking until her return to the West. She now lives in the South West and her inspiration is the country she walks. She is typically a landscape artist and finds she is called to country on many levels. The forest holds her attention at present as it is in rapid decline and she hopes through her work to bring it to the attention of the world. Found materials from the earth are a large part of her art practice and she feels by using them within the piece she is connecting those who view them on a deeper level.

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