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Anna Murchison

Poet and Painter

Anna Murchison

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

The Little Art Gallery

Boyup Brook Visitor Centre, Abel Street, Boyup Brook WA, Australia

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Writer and painter, Anna Murchison, was the recipient of the ACU Prize for Poetry in 2021 for her poem, Child of Gath-hepher. Her poetry and fiction has been shortlisted and anthologised nationally and internationally, with her poem, The Story of Us, shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize in 2017. Her emerging visual arts practice addresses held and evolving responses to spaceplace & sentience, with individual works often referencing her poetry: for example, Delphiniums as a Remedy (2023), references the poem, Love in the form a season (2023). Her work is both a dynamic observation of nature’s complex architectures and a felt response to those intersections of sentience creating the world we inhabit. She prefers to paint on materials otherwise destined for landfill and is moving towards the use of eco-friendly mixed media. She lives with her partner in the glorious south-west of Western Australia in a community of kind, connected people.

Feather n Fire

acrylic on paper

20 x 20



mixed media on pre-used paper

20 x 15


Pink Lake 2

mixed media on canvas

50 x 40



mixed media on pre-used canvas

91 x 61


Delphiniums as a Remedy (love in the form of ...

mixed media on board

43 x 30


Ochre Trails

acrylic on re-used paper

30 x 20


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