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Anneli Salo


Anneli Salo

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

The Nannup Brewing Co.

Nannup Brewing Company, 1 Warren Road, Nannup WA, Australia

0472 573 114

Big Title

This series celebrates the simple ‘soft on the eye’ shape of river stones and the essence of minimalism itself. As the world becomes ever complex many of us gravitate towards the simple things in life and the natural world to restore our sense of calm.

Visually uncomplicated, yet they hold vibrations of living greatness. Observed in the form of jagged mountains or tumbled into a riverbed, rocks are storytellers and survivors having weathered many storms and nature's constant pressure to change form, break down or get stronger.

‘River stones hold a message for me to keep things simple. At first, I find their hard shapes with soft lines visually comforting then the feeling flows deeper into my being’

The parallel story they tell is that you can adapt yourself to the river of life by allowing it to shape you and soften your edges so the flow can move around you allowing you to be within the flow but resilient and holding strong.

Anneli trained and studied in Perth, Kununurra and Melbourne in a variety of art disciplines with sculpture and mixed media as her prime forms of expression.

Most pieces in this collection evolved from small maquettes to larger versions where the materials and process in creating the handmade stones had to be purposefully engineered and structured to reach the end result of a sculpture that brings a sense of nature indoors with organic shapes.

'Being creative for me is about exploring the natural world and through that lense reflecting it deeper into my psyche to find more meaning, purpose and insight into my own existence'.

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