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Gemma Lawlor


Gemma Lawlor

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Black Barn Studio

7 Eedle Terrace, Bridgetown WA 6255, Australia

0459 611 981

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Since qualifying as an art teacher in 1970, I have had a life reflecting a strong connection to the arts. As well as teaching students and adults, I have been part of community arts organisations and projects and taken part in many group and solo exhibitions. Bridgetown has been my home for 40 years.

I have travelled extensively in to remote areas of Australia including deserts, break-away country, the Kimberley and Pilbara regions and coastal areas. The Australian desert landscapes, are often surreal and sometimes alien in appearance. My work is motivated by experiencing, and being in, those beautiful and inspirational places including the white salt lakes of the central marginal desert country, eroded red bluffs at Riddell’s beach, the red pindan soils of the Kimberley, the coastal and rugged sandstone country.

My style of work reflects the strange beauty of those landscapes by using printmaking, combined and collaged, with painted textural backgrounds. I often use a mixture of perspectives to express features, that otherwise would be insignificant. I am drawn to pattern making and the tactile nature of landscapes. My work is semi abstract and sometimes a little fanciful, creating a surreal element in the composition.

Salt Lake detail

Salt Lake Utopia detail

Salt Lake 2 detail

Sandy Blight Desert Plants detail

Rainbow Bee Eater detail

work in progress!

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