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Kim Gillespie

Potter and ceramic artist

Kim Gillespie

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Saffron Moon Ceramics

44 James St, North Greenbushes WA 6254, Australia

0400 649 484

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Kim Gillespie is a professionally trained potter, having completed the 3 year Diploma of Studio Ceramics at Central TAFE in the mid 1990s. She has also completed a Visual Arts degree, majoring in print-making, and is a fully qualified Visual Arts teacher.

She has been making pottery for 30 years and her work generally reflects her love of the more traditional and rustic forms. For many years she has had a fascination with Stone Age, Iron Age and British-Romano pottery, mainly in terms of form but also in terms of decoration and surface treatment. This has influenced the forms and shapes of her pottery to a large degree, particularly the Neolithic beaker pottery of Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe, but translated into larger and finer forms. Kim spent the last few years teaching pottery classes in Perth while she built her own professional practice, and is now developing her studio in North Greenbushes where she creates a range of works.

Kim works with stoneware clay, creating some of her own custom blends for making unique, high quality functional pottery that people can use and enjoy every day, and she makes all of her own glazes which, when combined with her different clays, create a collection of mix and match surfaces which allow her customers to create their own sets and combinations to complement their own kitchens and tables.

Kim also loves to make large rounded one-off forms using her recycled clay blend together with locally sourced “wild clay” dug from on and near her home and studio in North Greenbushes, creating strongly textured surfaces and highly original pieces which describe the local landscapes. Kim recently won the2023 Kusnik Award for Excellence in Ceramics for one of these vessels (awarded by the Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia).

Home Ground Collection

Functional Collection

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