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Lori Pensini


Lori Pensini

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Lori Pensini

Born, 1970, Narrogin, Western Australia. Lori is a nationally recognised artist, being shortlisted for over 80 awards and held 26 solo exhibitions.

Her art practice is an exploration of self identity and placement within her family’s multifaceted history. It is direct illustration of her response and relationship to her family’s unbroken tenure with the Australian landscape since first settlement. She combines both European and indigenous lineages to her family heritage to express ideas about identity/belonging within her complex history.

Combined botanical and figurative genres are prominent and form a distinctive personalised ‘language of flowers’ to aid in expressing one’s inner strengths and transformations. They seek to cultivate positive self and ecological awareness, and to create a narrative around our cultural identity and role within our natural world.

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