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Marilyn I Dreaver

Clay Artist

Marilyn I Dreaver

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

The Salted Earth Studio

500 Sandhills Rd, Brookhampton WA 6239, Australia

0447 751 955

Big Title

The Potter :

I am an experienced classroom teacher who loved inspiring atypical students to use clay as an outlet for their creativity-now retired I love cruising about in the studio & on the farm following my own journey whilst maintaining my integrity through my artworks.

In my younger years I had the absolute privilege to work with NZ Master potter Mirek Smisek who instilled in me the love of clay and the desire to work with all the elements of earth,wood & fire -Ive never lost this drive or love of playing with the infinite experiences that exist within these choices. My teachings involve the use of traditional techniques & glazes passed down from the old masters and it is embedded in me to strive to pass down my knowledge to those willing to listen and learn.

My work is honest & organic -it reflects who I am -its a window to my soul

For me there is no end just a beginning...


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