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Melinda Stephens

Painter & Maker of things

Melinda Stephens

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Ampersand Artist Initiative

After many years working in community services Melinda has decided that now is the time to focus on renewing her career as a practicing artist. She is an experienced small business owner who has many links to an extended artist community. Her passion for community and art mean that she is committed to improving opportunities for local artists to connect, create and exhibit.


Founding Ampersand Artist Initiative, a small gallery in the main street of Bridgetown stocked with local artists work and artist made items with partner Su Berghius, Melinda has realized a small part of her ultimate dream of facilitating the creative process by providing a space that allows artist to engage the broader community in their practice. A space conducive to thinking, sharing, and doing, and provide a vibrant community atmosphere that allows for interaction and collaboration between artists and community. 


Melinda’s artistic interests lie in painting, photography, repurposed furniture design and almost anything creative that she can learn. She has skills and knowledge in the use of many mediums including printmaking, ceramics, textiles, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, mosaic making, digital art and interactive multimedia. She spent some time teaching mosaic making to large groups and has a passion for art projects involving recycling and repurposing.


“A large part of my creative process and purpose is communicating my passion and knowledge to others and helping them towards achieving their own artistic goals”


Melinda’s artistic re-birth has meant she is creating an eclectic mix of work that is a response to her need to relearn skills and explore mediums and concepts of interest. Building on strong foundations created while studying at a range of educational institutions culminating in a BA Art (Visual Art) from Curtin University Melinda is creating work inspired by an interest in ‘the space between’ in relation to trees and forests of the southwest and a passion for atmospheric landscape. While also starting research into the emotional response and facial expression through portraiture.


Exhibiting is an exercise in bravery for Melinda who struggles with feelings of inadequacy and deep doubt about her artistic ability. Considerable mental health struggles inform her artistic choices and ability to create with focus and while Melinda is open about these struggles, she also acknowledges that these barriers have a significant effect on her artistic practice.


Melinda welcomes contact from artists and interested parties on prospective exhibitions, installations and collaborations, workshops or community projects.

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