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Melinda Stephens

Painter & Maker of things

Melinda Stephens

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:


0459 934 517

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After dedicating numerous years to community services, I find myself at a juncture, resolute in revitalizing my career as a practicing artist, I find it a struggle to balance financial concerns with a sense of urgency to make my way to a self sustaining career in the arts. 

I am also dedicated to creating enriching opportunities for local artists to connect, create, and exhibit and have recently become chair of the Blackwood River Arts Trail committee.

Over a year ago, in collaboration with artist Su Berghius, we established the Ampersand Artist Initiative, a gallery on Bridgetown's main street showcasing local artists' works and artist-made items. A recent development has seen me collaborating with Colleen Currey in the revamped iteration named THINGSweMAKE, where my true spirit and love for all things creative shine through in the eclectic mix of offerings from local artists and artisans. This represents a realisation of a part of my ultimate goal: facilitating the creative process by providing a space that encourages artists to engage with the broader community in a space crafted for thinking, sharing, and doing, while fostering a vibrant community atmosphere that encourages interaction and collaboration among artists and the community.

My artistic interests span painting, photography, repurposed furniture design, and virtually anything creative that I can learn. Proficient in various mediums such as printmaking, ceramics, textiles, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, mosaic making, digital art, and interactive multimedia, I find particular joy in teaching mosaic making to large groups. My passion extends to art projects involving recycling and repurposing.

A significant part of my creative process and purpose is communicating my passion and knowledge to others and assisting them in achieving their own artistic goals.

My artistic renaissance involves creating an eclectic mix of work, responding to my need to relearn skills and explore interesting mediums and concepts. Building on a solid educational foundation, including a BA Art (Visual Art) from Curtin University, I draw inspiration from 'the space between' in relation to the trees and forests of the southwest, coupled with a deep love for atmospheric landscapes. Additionally, I have initiated research into the portrayal of emotion through facial expression and the subtleties that inform our response to portraiture

While I openly grapple with feelings of inadequacy and profound doubt about my artistic abilities; my mental health struggles significantly shape the artistic choices I make.

I extend an invitation for contact from fellow artists and interested parties regarding potential exhibitions, installations, collaborations, workshops, or community projects.

Recycled Denim, Notebook Covering Workshop

Your chance to make your own bespoke fabric cover on an A5 notebook.

Melinda has been creating hand covered books for many years. This is your opportunity to learn from her experience and find the tips and tricks to fabric covering any book you like.

Use recycled fabric and tie bleached denim from Mel's personal stash.

Leave with a completed notebook ready to use or gift.

No Sewing!

$50 per person, 12 places available

Saturday 30th March 2024 at The Bridgetown Hub

All materials supplied

Book by calling Melinda on 0459 934 517

A $20 deposit is required to save your spot.

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