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Rozanna Johnson

Painter and Ceramicist

Rozanna Johnson

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

Holberry House

14 Grange Rd, Nannup WA 6275, Australia

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Rozanna is a painter and ceramicist who’s work explores themes of memory, physicality and ritual. Having long fostered a fascination with the forests of the South West, she has recently made the move to Nannup, where the surrounding landscape inspires her work. She has a wide spanning background in the creative fields with degrees in both visual arts and design (photography), and has exhibited her works in both Western Australian and New South Wales.

As a painter, Rozanna is influenced by the Australian landscape--taking inspiration from the smallest details, expanding and abstracting them. Her practice involves a direct collaboration with the natural world, often treating the surface by rusting or eco-dyeing with locally sourced eucalypt leaves before painting as a direct response to the resulting patterns.

In 2019 Rozanna expanded her practice into ceramics, in which she uses a variety of hand-building techniques to create functional and sculptural works which draw on the ritual of daily life. Landscape is again a co-collaborator in her floral wares and vessels, designed to bring the outside in, and can be seen in the organic patterns created by her free-form nerikomi technique in which coloured clays are used to create patterns mimicking the striations in rocks or the bubbling of a brook.


“I aim to enhance the simple pleasures in life. I enjoy creating hand-built pieces that connect the end user with the creator and focus much attention on daily life rituals—sipping a cup of tea from an organically shaped cup, or choosing a flower from the garden to brighten a corner of a bookshelf. It is my hope that the items I make can transform these smallest of rituals into moments of meditation and joy.”

Canyon Vase 002


25 x 20 x17cm


Canyon Vase 001


16.5 x 11.5 x 17cm


Tea Set for One


14 x 7cm

Not for Sale


Mixed media

51 x 51cm

Not for Sale

Falling Sky

Oil and rust on linen

35 x 35cm



Charcoal, inks, conte pastel on paper

Size variable

Not for Sale

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