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Sandy Chambers


Sandy Chambers

Exhibiting in Blackwood River Arts Trail At:

The Little Art Gallery

Boyup Brook Visitor Centre, Abel Street, Boyup Brook WA, Australia

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In 1964, Sandy Chambers relocated his family from Stamford in the North of England to Australia, immersing himself in the Boyup Brook community with boundless curiosity and enthusiasm. Collaborating with his wife, Jacquie, they became integral members of the town's fabric.

Sandy, an artist of remarkable versatility, has enriched Boyup Brook with a diverse array of creations. Noteworthy projects include life-sized sand sculptures of iconic figures like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, strategically placed around the Harvey Dickson’s Country Music Centre. He also crafted "Noah’s Lark," an imaginative collection of nursery rhymes displayed at the Swimming Pool, and a town entry statement integrating historical farm machinery and wall art on public buildings.

Pioneering a unique art form known as holograms, Sandy's sculptures, including a pioneer homestead mural, engage viewers with eyes that seemingly follow their gaze. Stone sculptures featuring local and state figures, such as Sir Ernest Lee Steere, and his latest creation, 'Down on His Luck,' adorn the town, while life-sized bush creatures beckon visitors to the Visitor Information Centre.

As an accomplished painter, Sandy has traversed Australia, capturing the nation's history through captivating depictions of grasstrees, old homesteads, pubs, machinery, and the outback. His paintings, celebrated for their historical resonance, have found homes across Australia and beyond.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Sandy has left an indelible mark on Boyup Brook's cultural landscape. In the late 1960s, he spearheaded the formation of the Boyup Brook Tourism Association to promote the Shire. In the 1980s, he and Jacquie initiated the Autumn Art Affair, a 23-year event that showcased artists from across the state. Sandy's elaborate sand sculptures, featuring humorous twists, became a focal point, drawing thousands to the annual event.

Even at 96 years old, Sandy remains an active and valued contributor to the community. As a constant presence at the Little Art Gallery, including the recent Blackwood River Art Trail, he continues to captivate audiences with his skills. A generous mentor, he willingly imparts his knowledge and support to artists of all ages, ensuring the preservation of history and fostering a sense of remembrance and commemoration in Boyup Brook and beyond.

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