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Discovering the Art of Weaving - Liz Janney

Updated: Mar 1

Where it Began

My artistic journey began in the town of Broome in 1999, where there was a wonderful TAFE facility and a dedicated bunch of teachers. Each year, I found myself enrolling in various art courses, exploring everything from Batik to pottery, yet I hadn't quite found my niche. It wasn't until a trip to Japan, just an ordinary holiday, that I stumbled upon Saori Weaving. In Japan, I was warmly welcomed into a community of weavers who introduced me to the craft. Despite the challenges of working with looms designed for smaller frames, I found myself captivated by the art form. Inspired by this experience, my husband gifted me my first loom, an 8-shaft Ashford, which initially remained untouched for two years. He bought it thinking that it would fit into our Coaster Bus and I could weave while travelling! Wrong. Next he bought me a lovely little Samplet Loom which was great for travel.

Describing my artistic style is an ongoing exploration as I am really only at the beginning of my journey. I have utilised the resources like YouTube, the internet, and a plethora of books, plus I find inspiration from fellow weavers on platforms like Instagram. Each artist possesses a distinctive style, which is helping me towards developing my own unique voice in weaving.

The Creative Process

My creative process is a meticulous dance between color, pattern, and technique. I immerse myself in the interplay of hues and textures, constantly experimenting and documenting my journey. Weaving, however, demands both creativity and precision, requiring careful calculations and attention to detail before the first thread is even warped onto the loom.

Navigating creative blocks can be daunting, particularly when working in solitude. During these moments, I seek solace in the community of fellow artisans online, drawing inspiration from their struggles and triumphs, as it always doesn't go to plan.

One of my most memorable experiences was the unexpected praise for my early pieces, crafted from scraps of knitting wool. While technically imperfect, these vibrant scarves resonated with others, reminding me of the transformative power of art beyond technical mastery.

Rooted in ancient traditions, weaving offers not just a creative outlet but also a meditative practice, a balm for the soul in today's fast-paced world. That's why I enjoy the weaving process, it slows me down, quietens the mind, you can't be in a hurry!

Participating in initiatives like the Blackwood River Arts Trail has been instrumental in fostering community and providing a platform to showcase my work. It's an opportunity to connect with fellow creatives, share my passion with the public, and glean valuable feedback.

In weaving, I've found not just a craft but a sanctuary—a place where patience, creativity, and tradition intertwine to create something tactile and beautiful. All hand woven.

My weaving shed will be open during the Blackwood River Art Trail (dates and times on their website - ). I am just 20 minutes south of Nannup (head towards Augusta) just off the Brockman Highway. I have an amazing deck that overlooks the Blackwood River and there will be refreshments and cake!

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