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Tracey Jarick: A sense of peace and happiness

In the world of art, journeys are often deeply intertwined with the essence of nature and its vibrant spectrum of colors. Tracey Jaricks recent years have seen a blossoming of expression that captures the heart of the natural world and the cherished connections between pets and their owners.

A Lifelong Passion Rekindled

Tracey’s voyage into art is not a tale of sudden discovery but a continuation of a lifelong passion. Three years ago marked a significant phase in her artistic journey, transitioning from the fluidity of watercolors to the rich textures of pastels and, most recently, the dynamic versatility of oils. This shift to oil painting has rapidly become her preferred medium, allowing her to explore and express her vision with newfound depth and intensity.

Inspired by the World Around

The essence of Tracey’s work is rooted in the local landscape which she loves to paint ‘en plein air’ (a French expression meaning 'in the open air'). The spontaneity of capturing nature’s fleeting moments, from the grandeur of landscape to the intimate beauty of botanical still life, fuels her creativity. Her pet portraits, crafted in pastels or oils, resonate with a realism and warmth that echo the profound bond between humans and their animal companions.

A Vision in Colours

Describing herself as a colorist, and her artistic style as a blend of realism and impressionism. Whether the realistic vibrancy of pet portraits or the slightly impressionistic touch to her other works, her use of colour is both a reflection of reality and an interpretation of her emotional response to the subject. The dual use of brush and palette knife in her oil paintings adds a dynamic texture that brings each piece to life.

The Creative Process

Tracey’s approach to creating begins in the great outdoors, sketching the essence of a scene, layering shadows, mid-tones, and finally, the highlights that breathe life into the composition. This methodical yet flexible process allows her to capture the essence of her subjects with both accuracy and emotional depth.

Beyond Creative Blocks

For Tracey, the world is an endless inspiration. Nature’s ever-changing beauty and the wealth of ideas and techniques available through resources like YouTube keep her constantly inspired, making creative blocks a rarity in her artistic life.

Evolution and Joy

Over the years, Tracey’s art has become a liberating expression of joy, moving away from the constraints of fear and anxiety to celebrate the beauty that truly resonates with her spirit. This evolution is a testament to her belief in the power of art to bring joy and beauty into our lives, a principle that guides her.

The Impact of Art

Tracey’s work not only seeks to bring peace and happiness to those who encounter it but also reflects her belief in the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature.

"I hope my art gives them a sense of peace and happiness. I paint things and scenery which give me joy and I paint from my heart. I hope viewers can feel that."

Her participation in initiatives like the Blackwood River Arts Trail has not only bolstered her self-esteem but has also underscored the value of community and shared creativity.

As Tracey continues to explore and experiment with her art, her journey stands as a vibrant reminder of the transformative power of making and sharing art. Through her dedication to capturing the essence of the natural world and the cherished moments of life, she invites us to see the world through her eyes.

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